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As promised, here's Section 6 of your FREE Personal Health Log

IMPORTANT NOTE: This information does not take the place of your Doctor's advice.

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This email adds to your Personal Health Log and will ask you to complete a step-by-step, decade-by-decade, breakdown of your personal health history.  

You'll need to note everything you can think of that was working in your life and everything that hasn't worked.  

You can provide as much or as little detail as you wish, so you can learn from seeing your own health history take on a pattern before your eyes.  

This section intends to give you back greater control over your future health.


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After you have put all your own health and wellness into perspective, another email will be sent to you that shows you how remarkably easy it is to put our parent's health history on the backburner - where it shouldn't be!  Lots of people are unaware of how much DNA influences how we grow into our own bodies, emotions and mental health.  For this section, you'll need to get together with your parents, children and/or grandchildren and create a general outline, so you can see where your health fits into the bigger picture.

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This section prompts you to easily record your dietary input.  You can record your fluids and foods quickly without any of the fuss normally associated with questionnaires of this type.  You'll get this dietary awareness system in a follow-up email.

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Together with the previous section, you'll also get this section that helps you list all the supplements and drugs that you are taking at the moment.  

This helps you to clarify what you are taking each day and for which health aspect your body, mind and emotions needs attention for. 

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In this final section, which will come with another FREE gift worth at least £15, we'll ask you what you hope to get from life.  This is the stuff of your dreams and what you want or need from life itself. 

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Throughout you will be given some wonderfully interesting extras.  These include:

  • Video and podcast links 
  • Emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellness news 
  • Advice from the experts on psychology, nutrition, energy medicine and aromatherapy
  • As well as fantastic discounts on all our own products!


In total, by the time we have finished sending you all the information you need to create a Personal Health Log, you should have information that will help you with the following:

  • to firm up your present situation and to keep all those important dates and contacts clear in your mind and close to hand
  • to keep track of your mind’s thoughts about your emotions.  
  • to help you have some fun.  You can make a visual representation of the goals you want to achieve and ideas that give you pleasure
  • to jog your memory – which you can continually update – just to let you know that ‘I’m alright’ and on track with what you want from life
Once you have completed each section, you will have become more aware than you ever have, of your personal health history.


Remember, the combined value of this collection of documents together with the extras I've included, is worth up to 


You can have ALL of it, for FREE!

Section 7 will be sent to you in next week's email.  See you then.

Kaye Bewley M.A.

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