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Laminine Nutrition

This is where we take your nutritional health awareness to whole other level.   I have got this down to a total science.  In fact, I've got a whole book for you on the subject of Laminine to use to find out your own nutritional health pattern.   Register for your Book of Wellbeing through the button on this page, and once you've filled out your questionnaire, you'll recieve THREE whole pots of 30 tablets!

Value: £100.00

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Email follow-ups


Our Tried & Tested regular personalised emails give you information on the latest nutritional health aspects. 

You simply read and enjoy.  

Value: £300.00

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Kaye Bewley's FB Group

You'll have access to me, Kaye Bewley, where you can ask ANY and ALL questions you have on your nutritional awareness as you change your life and improve your health.  This access remains available even after your Book of Wellbeing has been formatted.

Value: £300.00

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Health by the decade

After the first launch of this programme, back in late 2013, I held a conference for my clients where I went through a step-by-step, decade-by-decade breakdown of health.  Everything that was working in their life and everything that didn't.  Every single detail so they could learn from seeing their own health history form before their eyes, in order for them to have greater control over their future health.

You'll have this information for you personally.

Value: £600.00

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Dietary management system

Last year, we added a section that prompts people to easily record their dietary input.  Whereby fluids and foods are recorded easily and quickly.

You'll get this dietary management system included.

Value: £600.00

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Environmental Awareness

Many people are not aware of what the enviornment in their homes is doing to them.  

Nor how their body, mind and emotions are reacting to the different chemicals around the house.
I hosted a workshop training day where I shared everything I do to add benefits to your home, which improves your mood and physical health.  


You'll have immediate access to the information we tailor for you.

Value: £1,000.00

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Hereditary health awareness

Having put all of your own health and wellness into perspective, it's remarkable how easily our parent's health history gets put on the backburner.  Little do many people know how much our DNA affects how we have grown into our own bodies, emotions and mental health.

So, we have dialled this into the process!
Share with us your family's health history and we'll make things as stress-free as possible.

Value: £1,000.00

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Create your own nutritional programme

This is a module from my £2k Programme, where I walk you through how to create your own nutritional programme.
Most people think very little beyond the day to day logistics of their health through nutrition.  There is so much more that goes into a fully strategic diet.  If all you ever did was follow these 10 logial steps, you'd be getting more health benefits from your body.

Value: £2,000

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Get a handle on your emotions

Another module from my £2k Programme.  Here,  I walk you through your own emotional needs.
The objective here is to get the confidence and relax with the personality you have.  As people age, we feel more at ease with our bodies and emotions, but sometimes we get stuck and need a little help.  Find out what your emotional needs are and feel better already.  

Do this initially via email, after which you get 3 hour long coaching sessions on Skype with Kaye Bewley MA.

Value: £2,000

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Online LIVE

In 2016 I completed a 2-day online event and I'm planning on hosting another conference again soon - and your ticket to attend is included in this package.
At this event, all the tests & findings for maximizing your nutritional awareness are shared.  In other words, you'll have the BEST ways to ensure you have information every single day, online!
The next one is planned for Autumn 2017

Value: £2,000.00

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Lucrative Lunches LIVE

This 2-day Live Training is taking place in Autumn 2017.  The program is NOT for sale (though it's easily worth £5k or more).
I'll be sharing EVERYTHING I've tested and EVERYTHING I've learned about doing nutritional health awareness. 

I'll be going DEEP into every aspect.  When you purchase the Book of Wellbeing through the button on this page, you'll get a seat at this prestigious event.

Value: £5,000.00

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The information provided in this form will be kept in a confidential manner.  The advice given will be to encourage you to explore more of your own personality profile and guide you to what foods and fluids are potentially good for your personal health history. Any guidance notes that offered are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure, nor will they take the place of your doctor's advice.  

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