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Promote your service to hundreds of thousands every month, alongside our websites! and is promoted through a regular E-zine bulletin sent to our subscribers - and also to thousands of people on our social media platforms. 

     Your business will be listed and people will look you up which can only mean... more business for you!


If you've got an email from Kaye Bewley:  no need to pay anything at all!  Additionally, you don't even have to do the following to qualify.

General browsers: For free advertising, you need only to become a preferred customer and buy any one of the products we list.  By becoming a preferred customer you can buy your products at wholesale discount!  Just click on either of the products on the left and then on the 'Join Now' link.  After you have signed-up and made an initial purchase, you never need buy anything else from us ever again.


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Your advert together with weblinks, photo and personalised blurb, will be placed in four E-zines from BewleyBooks and BewleyTherapy, following the date you place your order with us. Whatever business service you run or product you sell, you need to promote it with the emphasis on healing and well-being,  You'll get the E-zine for as long as you wish and can unsubscribe at any time.


Once you have bought your product, send an email to:


This is to confirm that you have bought your product from us.  Once we get confirmation, your business can then be promoted to our thousands of subscribers!

*Make sure you sign up as a preferred customer with BewleyTherapy, or this service will not apply


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To advertise, you will need to update us with:

  • A photo of you
  • A 50 word description of your service
  • A link to your website
  • Optional extra: you can also send us a 200-word article which can be printed in a future issue of 'Minds Matter Mag'

If you have any questions, please do email us direct at:


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